★Cycle around the beautiful East Taiwan★

Scene of Taroko gorge, County road 193, Pisirian, scene of the Pacific Ocean.

Ride the romantic bicycle into the back yard of Taiwan, to appreciate the beautiful East Coast and East Rift Valley. Ride along the Hualien seaside bicycle trail, the sea melted into the sky, the sunset illuminate golden beach, all beautiful views fill in your eyes, it is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

Ride across the Coastal Mountain, Yuchang Highway, the wide Pacific Ocean, feel peaceful when ride through the Yuchang Tunnel.

This road connect East Coast, East Rift Valley and Yuchang Highway, will lead you ride in to the East Coast, East Rift Valley for exploration.

Sponsor Unit: Chong Long Travel & Tours Ltd. & Taiwan Cycling Tour Association.

Date of tour:  4 days,  3 nights

Payment of activity: 

  • Arrive 6 persons will start
  • twin beds room  (If you would like to change to other rooms, you need to pay the difference. )
  • USD$470 for each person.(*Apply now, get the bicycle water bottle for you. )

Payment of content

NT 5,000,000 for travel insurance+200,000 for medical insurance, 3 nights for accommodations, food supply(breakfast, lunch, dinner-NT 400 per day; water; supplies), bicycle rental of MIREDA and equipment(NTD 20,800, helmet, bicycle pot rack, front/rear light, bags), riding leader, 8 persons nanny van, round turn train ticket of Hualien-Taitung, etc..

Train Information:




Departure time from Taipei

Arrival time to Xincheng

Travel time


Tze-Chiang Limited Express




2 hours 24 mins

$ 403





3 hours 40 mins

$ 783

  ** If the train fare is subject to change, please refer to the Notice of the Taiwan Railway Administration. 

Bike rental:

MERIDA 2015, Crossway 300, 27 speeds, cost NTD 20,800.Safety equipment (include helmet, water bottle,bottlerack, front/rear light and bag).



Day 1

Breathe_ActionIcons_v2-28Taipei-Hualien               Magnificent Taroko gorge


  • Xincheng- Taroko(Taroko Gateway, Changchun Shrine)-Sanjhan-Sau tribes path- Chi sing Tan bicycle trail- Hualien
  • Total distance:about 35 km.


All guests meet together in Gate North 3 of Taipei Train Station, we are taking train to Xincheng Station of Hualien. The riding guide will lead all of you, ride to towering and magnificent Taroko gorge, Changchun Shrine, and ride back to the Taroko Gate for taking pictures. Lunch is the Xincheng of aboriginal special food. After lunch, we ride the County road 193, through the “Hualien Coastal Bicycle trail”, “Chi sing Tan bicycle trail”, “48 Highland”, “Environmental park”, ride along the coast, might have chance to ride beside the cargo ship to the Hualien. The accommodation tonight is Astar Hotel, Hualien.   

下載Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

下載Lunch: aboriginal special food

下載Dinner: Dinner on own

ocha_infrastructure-hotel_flat-circle-white-on-ios-orange-gradient_512x512Accommodation: Hualien, Astar Hotel or same level.

Day 2

Breathe_ActionIcons_v2-28Hualien-Ruisui            Ride into the deep side of mountain, enjoy the hot spring, away from toil.


  • morning: Hualien- Provincial Highway 9-Wanrong, about 40 km
  • Afternoon: Wanrong- Lintian Mountain Forestry Center-Ruisui, about 30 km.
  • Total distance: About 70 km


Along Province 11C, riding the bicycle and leave the Hualien, we are going to the Lintian Mountain Forestry, was the one of the biggest forestry in Taiwan. In the past time, the forestry full of logging scene and natural scene, early cypress house, railway, people use to call “Small Shanghai”. Lunch is the Lintan Mountain Local style food (pork knuckle). After lunch, we come to the Kuanfu sugar factory to enjoy the ice cream; enter the “Dajong Dafu forest park”, enjoy the flowers and forest when you ride the bicycle inside.

下載Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

下載Lunch: Local style food (Pig’s Knuckle).

下載Dinner: Ruisui Hakkastyle food

ocha_infrastructure-hotel_flat-circle-white-on-ios-orange-gradient_512x512Accommodation: Ruisui, Hoya Hot spring or same level. (Accommodation for tonight do not have twin beds room, will exchange to 1 double bed room.)

Day 3

Breathe_ActionIcons_v2-28Ruisui-Chenggong         Ride beside the rich paddy with rivers inflow, enjoy the fresh seafood in harbour.    


  • Morning: Ruisui- County road 193-Yuli, about 25 km.
  • Afternoon: Yuli-Yuchang highway- Pisirian -Sansiantai-Chenggong, about 45 km.
  • Total distanceAbout 70 km


Riding the bicycle along the County road 193, between the Coastal  Mountain and the Central Mountain, enjoy the breeze and mountain view. Lunch is the famous local food of Yuli, the “Yuli Noodles”. After lunch, we will challenge the Yuchang highway (Uphill for 7 km), through the Coastal Mountain ,arrive the beautiful “Hualien-Taichung coastline”, visit the “Pisirian”, the artist , Mr, Jimmy; and visit the Sansiantai, step on the beach with sunset. After riding of today, we enjoy the fresh seafood in Chenggong port.

下載Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

下載Lunch: Yuli noodles (Taiwan Ramen)

下載Dinner:seafood of Chenggong fresh port

ocha_infrastructure-hotel_flat-circle-white-on-ios-orange-gradient_512x512Accommodation: Chenggong- East seacoast resort hotel or same level.

Day 4

Breathe_ActionIcons_v2-28Chenggong-Taipei            Ride with the blue sky, and date with mountain and sea in East coast.   


  • Morning: Chenggong- Coastal Highway-Taitung, about 50 km.
  • Afternoon: Taitung Black forest & Coastal bicycle trail, about 20 km.
  •  When finish the riding of this tour, all guests take train to Taipei
  • Total distanceAbout 70 km


Ride along the Coastal Highway, visit the “Baonon Bicycle trail”, enjoy the breeze from the coast and seascape, arrive the “Tonghe buns”, “Water Running Up”, “Siaoyeliou scenic spot “ . Afternoon riding is “Taitung Coastal bicycle trail”, “Black forest bicycle trail”, “Housui River”, “Pipa River”. Riding of today is finish in here, and take train to Taipei.

下載Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

下載Lunch:Local special food

下載Dinner: a boxed meal(Bento)

ocha_infrastructure-hotel_flat-circle-white-on-ios-orange-gradient_512x512Accommodation: Sweet home


1. We are sorry for not start a tour if not over 6 persons. The rule of Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and communications Republic of China, please kindly inform us the tour will start or not. The tour fee is including the tip during the tour time.

2. Please kindly note the Chong Long Travel & Tours Ltd. have right to adjust the meals and all spots on list according to the weather and current situation.

3. Accommodation of tour might be change to same level; some hotel might not have twin beds room, therefore, it might be change to 1 double bed room.

4. Weather of Taiwan is changeable, please kindly prepare raincoat, front/rare light for bicycle use during the tour time.

5. Please kindly follow the tour leader’s decision if meet the terrible weather and worse situation during the tour time.

6. Bike riding is high strength activity. If you have chronic diseases (such as: hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, etc…), please kindly confirm attending doctor whether have ability to join the bicycle riding or not.

7. All guest in the riding tour, have (the highest) NT 5,000,000 for travel insurance+200,000 for medical insurance. Please kindly apply the original medical certificate for application. You are willing to increase the insurance by your own.

8. When finished register the tour, but can not join the tour for some reasons, please kindly inform us early as you can.

Before 31 days to cancel the order of tour start date, will charge 10% of whole tour fee.

Before 20-30 days to cancel the order of tour start date, will charge 20% of whole tour fee.

Before 2-20 days to cancel the order of tour start date, will charge 30% of whole tour fee.

Before 1 day to cancel the order of tour start date, will charge 50% of whole tour fee.

Cancel the order of tour start date, late for meeting time, leave tour for personal reason, do not inform us after the tour start, will not refund the tour fee.