★West Coastline & Sun Moon Lake Ride★

“It is too fast for driving car; it is too slow for walking around; riding bicycle is the perfect way of tourism.

“Formosa”, Taiwan, is a beautiful island, which have many mountains stand on here, surround by sea.  We do have 260 mountains which over 3000 meters, is highest mountain density of the world. Accord to surround by Kuroshio Current, we do have rich marine resources to enjoy and taste it. Except the natural environment, we do have colorful cultures and typical architecture of local residents of South part of Taiwan. It is without saying that kindness and passion of local people, would be impress you more and more.

The cycling tour, is the natural trend of the world. As we enjoy the tour, it is too fast for driving car; it is too slow for walking around. Therefore, welcome to ride the bicycle, to follow the natural trend of the world, to enjoy the view when you ride into the mountains and around the coastline, to feel and taste the typical cultures and special local food in Taiwan

Sponsor Unit: Chong Long Travel & Tours Ltd. & Taiwan Cycling Tour Association.

Date of tour: 2 days,  1 nights

Payment of activity:

  • Arrive 6 persons will start
  • twin beds room  (If you would like to change to other rooms, you need to pay the difference. )
  • USD$260 for each person. (*Apply now, get the bicycle water bottle for you. )

Payment of content

Exit & Entry permit Taiwan Republic of China. NT 5,000,000 for travel insurance+200,000 for medical insurance, accommodations, food supply(breakfast, lunch, dinner-NT 300 per day; water; supplies), ticket of Taipei 101 tower sightseeing, the Palace Museum, etc.., rent–a-bicycle and equipment, riding leader, mechanic, nanny van, etc..


  1. Route: The professional guide will arrange the most essence daily routefor tourists. It will be worth for you to enjoy the sightseeing of Taiwan and taste the delicious local foods of Taiwan.
  2. Nanny car:We will arrange front and rare nanny van for supplying, carrying tourist and luggage, and any movement of this tour group.
  3. Crew: 10 tourists be a group, arrange a professional guide for control theriding schedule, take care the tourist, repair the bicycle, etc..
  4. Sightseeing: We will arrange the professional guide who is good at special views and ecology for your tour.
  5. Insurance:NT 5,000,000 for travel insurance+200,000 for medical insurance.

Bike rental:

MERIDA 2015, Crossway 300, 27 speeds, cost NTD 20,800.Safety equipment (include helmet, water bottle,bottlerack, front/rear light and bag).



Day 1

Breathe_ActionIcons_v2-28Taipei-Hsinchu-Sun Moon Lake    Ride with blue sky in West Coastline.


  • Place to start: 0730 in MRT Xintian District Office
  • Nanny van will carry the bikes and guests to Nanliao fishing port, Hsinchu.

下載Breakfast: On own
下載Lunch: Local special food
下載Dinner: Thao Aborigines food
ocha_infrastructure-hotel_flat-circle-white-on-ios-orange-gradient_512x512Accommodation: LeaLea Garden Hotel-Moon or same level

  • Afternoon-Tea time in downtown of Puli-Visit the Chung Tai Chan Monastery(Ride to there or Take nanny van to there)-Taipei

images.pngVisit: Sightseeing spots of Sun Moon Lake(Xiangshan Visitor Center, tea eggs), Puli special local food, Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Puli Winery.

Accommodation:** Please note all spots on list, the Chong Long Travel & Tours Ltd.have right to adjust the all spots on listaccording to the current situation. Thank you for understanding.

Date Accommodation Hotel name Level Website
Day 1 Sun Moon Lake LeaLea Garden Hotel-Moon ★★★ http://www.lealeahotel.com/sunmoonlake-moon/

** It might arrange the same level hotel if needs.


  1. Please kindly note the Chong Long Travel & Tours Ltd. have right to adjust the meals and all spots on list according to the weather and current situation.
  2. The accommodation might adjust the same level. Some hotel might not have twin beds room, might adjust to 1 double bed room.
  3. We are kindly suggest the own bike of guest, have 16 speeds or more for road bike, and have 24 speeds or more for mountain bike (Adjust to the road bike tire), prepare the inner tire on your own. (Ex. Brake)
  4. Bike riding is high strength activity. If you have chronic diseases (such as: hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, etc..), please kindly confirm attending doctor whether have ability to join the riding or not.