Extreme Points in Taiwan – Cycling Around the Island 12 Days

1,100 km in total along the way. We are going to visit the extreme points in Taiwan, enjoying Taiwanese delicacies and lovely hotels.

Taiwan is called “Formosa”which means beautiful island in Portuguese, surrounded by sea and covered by gorgeous mountains. Taiwan is one of the highest density of mountain countries. There are over 260 mountains more than 3,000 km high. Because of being surrounded by Kuroshio current, Taiwan has rich marine sources and nature ecology. Moreover, Taiwan has plenty of aboriginal cultures and temples. Last but not least, hospitable public is the major feature of all.

Bicycle is becoming a popular option of traveling in Taiwan. You will have enough time to experience all the amazing moments along the way. Let’s explore this special island with humanistic life, tasty food, and iconic scene along coast side with our professional guides.


6 people (1 guide)

Twin beds NT 45,250 / person
Single room NT 56,550/ person

7-8people (2 guide)

Twin beds NT 42,050 / person
Single room NT 53,400/ person

Fees include :
Insurance, hotel, meals( including water and snacks), professional cycling guide, a 9-passengers van accompany all the way, Certification.

Fees exclude :
*Rent a bike: NT300 / per day. NT3,600/ 12 days

Our tour highlights

1.Best route

our professional guides provide the best route of each day. We will explore the most beautiful sceneries and the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine

2.Sight of Pacific ocean

We will pass the Suhua Highway by our comfortable van for your safety. You can experience the highway on the cliff right next to the pacific ocean!

3.9 passengers van

There will be a van with us along the way. Don’t worry if you have any unexpected situation. We always have your back!

4.Professional guide

We have professional guide with rich knowledge and experience of bike tour.

5. Insurance is included

Pre-departure Briefing

  • Time: To be announced
  • Location : 9F.-5, No.172, Changchun Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Content: Pre-departure Briefing: The itinerary and the tips of riding bike.

Day 1 .

Taipei -> Keelung

Cycling: Dadaocheng Wharf -> Taipei River Side Bikeway -> No.2 Provincial Road -> Fuji Fishing Port (Lunch / About 40 km) -> Fugui Cape Lighthouse (Northernmost Point) -> Keelung City (About 80 km)


  •  Gathering in Dadaocheng Wharf at 8am, we will head to Tamsui alone the Taipei River Side Bikeway. Then we will pass by a popular bike path near the north coast and reach Fugui Cape Lighthouse, which is located at northernmost point. Our lunch will be in Fuji Fishing Port, enjoying delicious seafood. We will settle down at Keelung City. You can take your time in Keelung Miaokou night market and have a lot of tasty street food as dinner.
  • Visit : Taipei River Side Bikeway, No.2 Provincial Road Sea View, Guandu Tenple, Fugui Cape Lighthouse (Northernmost Point), Keelung Miaokou Night Market, etc.
  • Breakfast : –
  • Lunch: Fuji Fishing Port Seafood
  • Diner : Keelung Miaokou Night Market ( Dinner on own)
  • Hotel : Keelung City – Kodak Hotel or same level

Day2 .

Keelung City -> Yilan Jiaoxi

Cycling : Keelung City -> No.2 Provincial Road -> Fulong -> Sandiao Cape Lighthouse(Easternmost point) -> Daxi Fishing Harbor -> Jiaoxi (About 85 km)


  • After breakfast, the professional guide will guide us ride along No.2 provincial road, exploring the spectacular scenery mixed with rock landscape and sea view. We will visit Sandiao Cape Lighthouse, which is easternmost point. You can explore the structure inside and enjoy the sea view on the top of the lighthouse. Then we will arrive Yilan city, living in a famous town “Jiaoxi”, which is famous for the hot spring. Nothing is more relaxing than immersing in hot spring after a whole day ride!
  • Visit: Yinyang Sea, 13 Layers Remains, Sea view along the road, Waiao Beach, Jiaoxi Hot Spring,
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Fulong Luch Box (To go)
  • Dinner : Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Yilan Jiaoxi – Sun Spring Resort or same level

Day3 .

Yilan Jiaoxi -> Hualian

Cycling : Jiaoxi Suao Train Station -> ( Taking train or van) -> Xincheng Train Station -> Taroko National Park (Lunch / About 20 km)-> Qixingtan Beach -> Hualien City (Cycling about 70km)


  • We are going to pass the dangerous Suhua Highway along the cliff by our comfortable van or train. Then we will cycle in the spectacular Taroko national park, visiting ChangChun Shrine, aroko National Park East Entrance Arch Gate etc. We are going to explore Qixingtan Beach through Hualien Bicycle Path, which is near the harbor. Our hotel will be Astar Hotel with aboriginal culture feature.
  • Visit: Qingshui Cliff, Taroko Gorge national park, Qixingtan Beach Bicycle Path
  • Breakfast : Hotel
  • Luch: Hualien aboriginal residence cuisine
  • Dinner: Hualien East Gate Night Market (Dinner on own)
  • Hotel : Hualien City – Full Kind Hotel or same level

Day4 .

Hualien City -> An Tong Hot Spring

Cycling: Hualien -> Ruisui -> Guangfu(Lunch/About 50km) -> Yuli -> An Tong(Yuchang Road) Cycling about 95km


  • Today we are leaving Hualien City to Guangfu sugar factory, having lunch and famous “Iced dessert”. In the afternoon, we will cycle between Coastal (Mountain) Range and Central (Mountain) Range, accompanied by Xiuguluan River. You will be impressed by the beautiful farming scenery. Our hotel will be An Tong Hot Spring Hotel. There are Japanese style houses made by Taiwan Cypress from the Japan colonial era.
  • Visit : Guangfu sugar factory, Country Highway no.193, An Tong Hot Spring Hotel
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Guangfu Lunch Box
  • Diner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Hualien An Tong – An Tong Hot Spring Hotel or same level

Day5 .

Hualien An Tong -> Taitung

Cycling: An Tong (Yuchang Road Challenge) -> ChengGong -> Donghe (Lunch / About 50km)-> Taitung, Cycling about 85km


  • Today we are going to challenge “Yuchang Road”, 7km length climbing road crossing the Coastal (Mountain) Range to beautiful Hualien Coastal Bikeways. Firstly, we will visit Sansiantai(Terrace of the three Immortals) with the beautiful rocks along the beach. Then we will have our seafood lunch at the biggest harbor of east coast. In the afternoon, we will cycle along the east coast, feeling the breeze and impressive sea view. Moreover, we will try the famous Donghe meat bun and visit “Water Running Up”, “Shiauyeliou” etc. It is the last day of eastern tour and we will have our dinner at Taitung City. We will share our experience with the eastern tour participants.
  • Visit: Pacific Ocean view, Sansiantai(Terrace of the three Immortals), ChengGong Seafood, Donghe meat bun
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Donghe meat bun & Rice dumpling
  • Dinner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Taitung City- Hoya Resort Hotel or same level

Day6 .

Taitung City -> Pingtung Syuha

Cycling: Taitung City -> Jhihben -> Taimali -> Shangwu (Lunch/ About 50km) -> South-Link Highway -> 12km length climbing lane ->  Shouk -> No.199 Road -> Syuhai, About 100km


  • Today is the “Midterm exam”of our journey. We will do our South-Link Highway challenge. There is climbing lane nearly 12km, up to Shouka 450m from the sea level. Then go down to the beautiful, undeveloped wonderland “Syuhai”, where we end our 100km journey today.
  • Visit: Challenge- South-Link Highway, Harbor Seafood
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Shangwu Harbor Seafood
  • Dinner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Syuhai – Syuhai b&b or same level

Day7 .

Pingtung Syuha -> Pingtung Fangshan

Cycling: Syuha -> Manzhou Township(Lunch/ About 30km) -> Eluanbi Lighthouse (Southernmost point) -> Kenting Street -> Hengchun, Cycling about 65km


  • Today we are going to visit the last undeveloped coast in Taiwan, seeing deep-blued Pacific ocean. Biking along the coast lane will definitely impress you by the magnificent scenery of the mountain cliff and the ocean. Then we will visit the southernmost point of Taiwan, seeing the line between Bashi Channel and Taiwan Channel. Our hotel today is located in the Hengchun old town. We will take our van to the famous local seafood restaurant.
  • Visit:Tthe last undeveloped coast in Taiwan, the southernmost point of Taiwan- Eluanbi Lighthouse, Kenting Street etc.
  • Breakfast : Hotel
  • Lunch: Local cuisine
  • Dinner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Kenting Hengchun- Fulidun Hotel or same level

Day8 .

Pingtung Fangshan -> Kaohsiung City

Cycling: Hengchun -> Checheng -> Fangshan-Fangliou (Lunch/ About 50km) -> Donggang -> Kaohsiung City -> Zuoying, Cycling 110km


  • We will pass the second biggest city in Taiwan- “Kaohsiung”. You will experience the hospitality of southern Taiwanese. They will cheer you up even they rush to work with their scooter. We will stay in the hotel in the city center. You can take a walk in this energetic city.
  • Visit: The biggest local god temple in Taiwan, No26 Highways’ sight,  Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, Lianchihtan
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Local cuisine
  • Dinner: Kaohsiung style cuisine
  • Hotel : Kaohsiung Zuoying – Huaxiang Hotel or same level

Day9 .

Kaohsiung City – Chiayi Budai

Cycling: Zuoying -> No.17 Highway -> Golden Coast -> Tainan City -> Guosheng Lighthouse( Westernmost point) -> Qigu -> Chiayi Budai, Cycling 115km


  • After having breakfast in hotel, we will bike through Kaohsiung and Tainan and arrive at the westernmost point of Taiwan, the “Guosheng Lighthouse”. Our guide will introduce this iron-built lighthouse. Then we will head to a small town “Budai”, where produces salt. Our journey today will end here after biking about 115km.
  • Visit: Golden Coast, Crystal Church, Nan Kun Shen Dai Tian Temple, Budai salt mountain
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Local cuisine
  • Dinner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Chiayi Budai – Budai Ocean Hotel or same level

Day10 .

Chiayi Budai -> Changhua Lukang

Cycling: Budai -> Dongshih -> Taixi -> Fangyuan -> Lukang, Cycling 95km


  • Today we will keep heading north, passing by Dongshih, Mailiao, Wang Gong lovely fishing villages. We will stay in the oldest town in Taiwan – “Lukang Old Town”. We will bike through this 300-year-old street, delicate traditional temples and tasty local street food.
  • Visit: Wong Gong Lighthouse, Aogu Wetland, Lukang Old Town
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Xiluo street food
  • Dinner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Changhua Lukang – Joy Inn or same level

Day11 .

Changhua Lukang – Hsinchu Nanliao

Cycling: Lukang – Xianxi – Longjing – Wuqi – Tachia – Yuanli ( Lunch/ About 55km) -> Baishatun – Houlong – Zhunan – Hsinchu Nanliao, cycling 110km


  • Today we are going to keep riding north to Hsinchu which has a name “Wind Town”. We will bike through several cities and rural villages. There is an over 150 years old sea goddess temple in Baishatun town. Then we will ride along the beautiful 17km west coast path with huge wind drive generators by your side. We will stay in the motel near the Nanliao fishing harbor. Our dinner will be seafood cuisine and celebrate the end of our around Taiwan challenge.
  • Visit: Sea goddess temple, 17km Hsinchu west coast bike path
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Lunch box
  • Dinner: Seafood cuisine
  • Hotel: Hsinchu City- Crystal Motel or same level

Day12 .

Hsinchu Nanliao -> Taipei City

Cycling: Hsinchu Nanliao- Xinwu Grean Path -> Yong An Fishing Harbor ->  Zhuwei Fishing Harbor (Lunch / About 40km)-> The Left Bank Park -> Taipei Riverside Bikeways -> Taipei City -> Dadaocheng Wharf


  • It is our last day of the journey. We will head to Taipei along the west coast path in the morning and then rest a bit at Guandu temple. We will enter busy Taipei through tranquil bikeways beside Tamsui River and Xindian Brook. We will end our tour today and appreciate your hard work after 1000km journey exploring this island with bicycles.
  • Visit: Xinwu Grean Bikeways, Baishajia Lighthouse, Ciding Tunnel, The Left Bank Park, Taipei Riverside Bikeways.
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: Local cuisine
  • Dinner: Dinner on own
  • Hotel: Sweet home


  • TAIWAN BIKE TOUR has the right to revise the itinerary due to the weather, the participants conditions and other uncontrollable situations. Thank you for understanding.
  • Hotels are listed in itinerary or replaced by same level.
  • Not recommended for participants with heart complaints or other serious medical conditions(eg. Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease, Heart disease, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma etc. ). Please ask your doctor for advise if you are in these cases.