Cycling in Southern Taiwan (Kaohsiung / Pingtung) 5 Days

Wandering in Cishan small town, Maolin Gorge, “Moon World” mudstone badlands, Shenshen Waterfall, Wutai tribes, The Pier-2 Art Center


6 people form a group

Twin beds NT 17,150 / person
Single room NT 20,600/ person

Fees include :
Insurance, 4 night hotel, hotel breakfast, 3 dinners ( including water and snacks), professional cycling guide, a 9-passengers van accompany along the way, attractions tickets, water bottle, certification.

Fees exclude :
*Rent a bike: NT300 / per day. NT1,500/ 5 days

Our tour highlights

1.Best route

our professional guides provide the best route of each day. We will explore the most beautiful sceneries and the most authentic Taiwanese cuisine

2.Sight of Pacific ocean

We will pass the Suhua Highway by our comfortable van for your safety. You can experience the highway on the cliff right next to the pacific ocean!

3.9 passengers van

There will be a van with us along the way. Don’t worry if you have any unexpected situation. We always have your back!

4.Professional guide

We have professional guide with rich knowledge and experience of bike tour.

5. Insurance is included

Day1 .

Taipei -> Qishan Meinong

Route: Qishan old street -> Qishan Landscape Bridge -> Meinong Yao -> Meinong Lake -> Guang Jin Sheng Revives Meinong’s Paper Umbrella -> Dongmen -> Meinong Water Bridge -> words respect pavilions / About 30km



  • We will gather in front of the Xindian District Office MRT station and head to Qishan by our comfortable van. We will arrive around noon.(You can also meet us at THSR Zuoying station)

    After lunch, our professional guide will explain all the tips and safety information about cycling. Then we will visit Qishan old street by our bikes. It is a century-old street in which history and culture gather, whose baroque facade red brick structure mingled with sandstone, giving off an elegant classical atmosphere. Qishan (Cishan) was once a distribution point for bananas and sugarcane.

    We will arrive at Meinong through Qishan Landscape Bridge. Meinong is primarily a Hakka community so the Hakka language, building design, and cooking are all prevalent and unique here.

  • Breakfast: on own
  • Lunch: on own
  • Dinner: on own
  • Hotel: Rose Garden Motel or same level

Day2 .

Maolin -> Duona

Maolin National Scenic Area -> Purple Butterfly Valley -> Eagle valley -> Longtoushan -> Mini Great Wall -> Duona stone slab houses -> Duona Suspension Bridge / About 28km / Climbing path 600m



  • After breakfast in Hotel, we will go to Maolin National Scenic Area by our van and start to ride from the entrance. Today will be mountain route, please take it easy and keep a good mood.

    Maolin District is renowned for its mountain scenery, and the Purple Butterfly Valley is a butterfly migration zone of international significance. In the peak months of November to March, visitors may see crowds of Euploeini butterflies dancing amid the trees and walkways. Maolin National Scenic Area Administration has established a walking trail connecting the first level of the waterfall to the second level, but there are five levels in total. It takes 10 minutes to walk to the second level, and there visitors can appreciate views of the cascade. When one is near the waterfall, breezes filled with tiny drops of water blow in one’s face and hair. Listening to the sound of the river and observing the rich foliage can purify one’s mind.

  • Breakfast: b&b
  • Lunch: on own
  • Dinner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Rose Garden Motel or same level

Day3 .

“Moon World” mudstone badlands

Route: “Moon World” -> Stone Breasts and Stone Breats’ Gorge -> Stone Temple -> Wushanding Mud Volcano -> Agongdian Reservoir -> Mount Dagan / About 50km/ Climbing path 439m



  • Tianliao District is famous for its world-renowned mudstone badlands. This spectacular type of landscape can be found in Tainan’s Longci and Zuojhen districts and Kaohsiung’s Neimen, Yanchao, and Tianliao districts. Similar features can also be seen in Taitung County’s Liji as well as Hengchun Township, near Kenting in Pingtung County. But none of these places can compete with the magnificence of Tianliao.

    Tianliao District covers just under 93 square kilometers and is dominated by undulating hills. Of this hill country, around four fifths is badlands, hence the region’s nickname, “Moon World.”

    The area’s distinctive mudstone is ocean-floor sediment that was raised by tectonic uplift. Following years of erosion by the area’s waterways, such as the Erren River, the mudstone landscape took on its current appearance. Moon World is a result of the mudstone features being weakly lithfied aquitards. Each time it rains, the surface absorbs most of the moisture and expands as a result. Then, when the sun comes out, the surface cracks up because of its dryness. Repeated wetting and drying compromises the surface integrity of the mudstone. Downpours cause landslides, thus forming exposed ridges and gullies that support vegetation only sporadically.

  • Breakfast: b&b
  • Lunch: on own
  • Dinner: Local cuisine
  • Hotel: Fish Hotel-Pingtung or same level

Day4 .

Sandimen -> Wutai

Route: Sandimen -> San Teh Check point -> Guchuan bridge -> Shenshen Tribes -> Wutai Scenic Area / About 32km / Climbing path 810m



  • We will visit Sandimen by van after breakfast. Sandimen Township is a mountain indigenous township in Pingtung County, Taiwan. The population of the township consists mainly of the Paiwan people with a substantial Rukai minority. There are beautiful mountains, rivers and rich indigenous culture for you to discover.

    Wutai is a beautiful township in Pingtung with fresh air, clean water and amazing scenery. There are traditional stone slab houses built by indigenous residence for you to explore.

  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: on own
  • Dinner: Liouhe Night Market (on own)
  • Hotel: Ever Luck Hotel or same level

Day5 .

Kaohsiung -> Taipei

  • Route: Cycling in the morning: Liouhe -> Former Tangrong Brick Kiln -> Martyrs Shrine -> Hamasen -> Pier2 Art Center -> Singuang Ferry Wharf -> Cianjhen Star
  • Afternoon: Back to Taipei by the van


  • We will start from the hotel in the morning and cycle through Formosa Boulevard bike lane, passing Kaohsiung city center. We will visit old Kaohsiung station and Former Tangrong Brick Kiln. Then we will bike through Jiuru bridge to Gushan area. You can watch the breathtaking Kaohsiung scenery from the small hill in front of Martyrs Shrine. Don’t miss the tasty shaved ice at Gushan harbor. After that, we will cycle along the path near the harbor, passing Hamasen, Pier2 Art Center and Singuang Ferry Wharf. We will end our tour at a popular Instagram spot – Cianjhen Star.
  • Breakfast: Hotel
  • Lunch: on own
  • Dinner: on own
  • Hotel: Sweet home


  • TAIWAN BIKE TOUR has the right to revise the itinerary due to the weather, the participants conditions and other uncontrollable situations. Thank you for understanding.
  • Hotels are listed in itinerary or replaced by same level.
  • Not recommended for participants with heart complaints or other serious medical conditions(eg. Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease, Heart disease, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma etc. ). Please ask your doctor for advise if you are in these cases.